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·       Please arrive at least 10 mins early to auditions to fill out needed paperwork and receive your number.

·       Dancers who cannot make the audition date must schedule a private audition PRIOR to August 10th.

·       Dancers must wear a leotard and tights with hair in bun (ballet skirt or dance shorts optional) if auditioning for ballet or jazz.  Hip hop only dancers may have athletic clothing and clean sneakers.

·       Dancers are not required to have anything prepared for the audition.


·         Dancers must be at least 4 years of age and a registered student at 2nd Street Studio of Dance.  Adult dancers must either be the parent of a registered student, or a registered student themselves. 

·         Dancers ages 4-18 may only be cast is roles for which the style of dance performed is also being taken for the Fall 2019-2020 season.  (Example: I only currently take jazz, thus I will only be considered for only jazz roles even if I studied other styles in the past.)  This also means that students auditioning must also be registered for the Fall 2019-2020 season by the audition date so we are informed prior to casting.  We believe working on technique outside of rehearsal time is integral to a good performance.


·         All those who audition will receive a role in the production and every role is IMPORTANT!

·         You must accept all part(s) given including understudying to participate.  If after casting you wish to not accept your parts and not participate in the show, you must inform us by AUG 18th.

Time Commitment

·         All dancers must commit to Friday and/or Saturday rehearsals and are required to be at dress rehearsal.  You may indicate in your audition information if you cannot rehearse on Fridays. Mandatory Dress Rehearsal will be Dec 13th and the Performance is Dec 14th (exact times TBA) with optional parade Dec 8th.

·         These rehearsals may vary from 30 mins to multiple hours depending on which parts you receive. Each part should expect around 30 mins-1.5 hours per week. Rehearsal time may increase as we get closer to the show.

·         Dancers missing more than 2-3 rehearsals may be removed from the show.  Please do not audition if you know you will have multiple scheduling conflicts.


·         All communications for rehearsals will be sent through email.  Sometimes a scheduling error occurs and we may have to make changes. Please check regularly for any updates.

Rehearsal Information

·         Most rehearsals will occur on Saturdays with some on Fridays.

·         These rehearsals may vary from 30 mins to multiple hours depending on which parts you receive. Each part should expect around 30 mins-1.5 hours per week. Rehearsal times may increase as we get closer and run the full show. 

·         Dancers must wear appropriate dance clothing for their role and have hair in bun

·         Rehearsals will not always be at the same time every week.  It is very important that you keep up with your emails to know your correct rehearsal times.

·         Sometimes a dance may need more or less rehearsal time than previously thought. Because this is a full-length production there will be times when we will rehearse not only your dance but possibly your whole Act or Scene so that transitions run smoothly.

·         It is important to know which Acts and Scenes you are in.  The schedule might say, “Act 1 from 1pm-2pm” or “Battle Scene from 9:00am-10am.”  Look at the casting list to find out which parts of the show your dancer is in.

·         A tip would be to place all rehearsal times on your calendar and check it each week.

·         There will also be cast and rehearsal lists posted on the bulletin boards.

Participation Fees

·         Dancers will have a nonrefundable participation fee of $180.  This helps cover costuming, sets, theater rental, programs, rehearsal time, teachers, etc.   This fee will be spilt into 4 monthly payments of $45 running in September, October, November, and December due with tuition on the 10th of the month. Elite Company members have this cost included in their class package.

·         Adult volunteer performers have no formal fee but will be given backstage jobs and are required to help run at least one fundraising event.

·         Costumes are rented from the studio and not taken home or kept by the dancers.


·         Fundraising will include program ads, holiday photos, bowling fundraiser, and Nutcracker Tea Party.  Due to the large costs of putting on the show, we engage in fundraising to make sure that we have a high-quality show with professional costuming.

Parade Opportunity

·         Dancers in the show may also participate in the Rochester Hometown Christmas Parade.

·         Participation is not mandatory.

·         All participants (this includes parents as well as dancers) need to purchase a RED 2nd Street Studio Sweatshirt.

·         Parade is Sunday, Dec 8th and takes place from morning and until late afternoon.