2nd Street Elite Dance Company Information 2019-2020

Basic Requirements

·       Student must be at least 12+ years of age (younger may be invited by the studio only)

·       Student must attend Monday technique and rehearsal from 7:15-8:30, be enrolled in at least 3 dance classes, have Saturdays open from 10:00am-4:30pm for rehearsals as needed, and be available for ALL performance dates (TBA).

·       Students are encouraged to take full advantage of the unlimited class discounted rate.  We recommend taking Stretch & Conditioning, Leaps and Turns, and Ballet to keep up with technique.

Attendance Requirements

·       Attendance is extremely important to maintain a high level of dance instruction and performance level.

·       Company classes and rehearsals will begin on time and consistent tardiness without prior permission may lead to being excused from the program.

·       Dancers who miss more than 2 company rehearsals in the fall season and 3 in the spring season may be deemed unready to perform and taken out of any upcoming performances at the teacher’s discretion.

·       Dancers who miss rehearsal are responsible for catching up on missed choreography. Students should take advantage of videos of rehearsal, get together with friends to practice, or schedule a private lesson to catch up.

·       Dancers who are injured must still attend rehearsals to sit and observe for any new choreography or corrections.

·       Dancers are required to be at all dress rehearsals and performances or may be removed from the program at the teacher’s discretion. 

·       Dancers will be required to attend one dance convention.

·       Dancers will be required to attend at least 2 fundraising events.

·       Dancers are encouraged to attend team bonding and special elective events at the studio.

Rehearsal Dress Code

·       All dancers must adhere to the dress code for classes and rehearsals.  Dancers not in dress code will not be allowed to participate.

·       Hair must be pulled back in bun or equivalent.

·       No jewelry allowed except simple stud earrings.

·       Only fitted dance warm ups allowed

·       Solid color leotard, tights or black leggings, black dance shorts with tights only, short black ballet skirt (No half tops allowed)

Performance Attire Needed

·       Jazz shoes must be So Danca JZ-43 in Caramel

·       Tights must be So Danca Transition Tights in Caramel

Classroom Expectations

·       This program is for serious dance students only including those wanting to greatly improve their overall dance technique, those contemplating dancing in college, or those thinking of dance as a career be it either a professional dancer or teacher.  If only interested in fun performance opportunities, consider one of our other performance groups.

·       There will be no talking or socializing during class time.  We want our class time to be fully utilized as instruction time.  We also will not let students go for water breaks or to get shoes etc.  Students should come into the classroom prepared with everything they need and full water bottles.

·       Instructors will be focused on helping the dancers improve through critiques and lots of personal attention (tough love!).  We ask that dancers be prepared for this approach and not take these critiques as a personal attack, but as a means to improve.  Teachers will ONLY give critiques that help the dancer improve and will not give negative personal critiques.

·       Dancers will be expected to work hard and do their best in class and rehearsal.  Laziness will be not tolerated.  There are many ways to conserve energy if tired without being lazy.

·       Dancers who do not meet classroom expectations may be asked to leave class or leave the program at the teacher’s discretion.

·       All dancers will be placed into performance routines at the teacher’s discretion based upon factors such as age, skill level, etc.

·       All dancers will get to perform at least once in each performance.

·       Monday dance class time will be used as needed to work on technique, learn choreography, rehearse, or explore special topics like creating your own choreography, dance history etc.

Performance Opportunities


·       Students will get to perform in modern, contemporary, jazz, pom, and lyrical styles!

·       Students will be encouraged to participate in our Ballet Company and Nutcracker production, but it is not a requirement.

·       Our Elite Company will be required to perform at all of the recital performances.

·       Elite Company will get to perform at all of the opportunities the studio offers including Farmer’s Market, Earth Day, Heritage Days, retirement homes, etc.

·       There will be multiple OU basketball games (tickets required range from $3-5).

·       We will be looking into other special performance opportunities!

·       We will be looking into submitting work to perform at dance festivals.  These festivals may or may not accept entries, so participation depends upon approval from the festival.

·       Students are expected to attend ALL company performances.  Dates will be given at least a month (usually much longer!) in advance.  Those missing a performance without permission will be asked to leave the company.


·       Performance dances will sometimes be a large combined group, and sometimes be split into different levels at the teacher’s discretion.

Costs Involved

·       New Company members must pay $85 for company leotard, leggings, and black sequin top.

·       Elite Company will be flat fee of $250 per month.

o   This cost includes unlimited dance classes (including Ballet Company classes).

o   This cost includes Nutcracker, Spring Company, and additional roles in the Spring Ballet Production if they choose to participate.

o   This cost includes all new uniforms!

o   This cost includes all accessories, props, poms, etc.

o   This cost includes one item of company swag (item TBA).

o   This cost includes all rehearsal time.

o   This cost includes any entry fees for submitting choreography to festivals.

·       Company members will receive a 20% discount on certain studio special events.

·       Convention will cost approximately $100-200 depending upon one chosen.

·       There will be ticket fees for any sports performance determined by the venue. 

·       Optional year end trip cost TBA.  Will discuss with everyone before making decision.