2nd Street Studio Ballet Company Information 2019-2020

Company Class Schedule:

Monday 5:00-6:30 Ballet Levels 4&5*^
Tuesday 5:00-6:00 Ballet Level 2*^
Friday 5:30-6:30 Ballet Level 2*^
Tuesday 6:00-7:30 Ballet Level 3*^
Friday 6:30-8:00 Ballet Level 3*^
Wednesday 5:00-6:00 Ballet Level 4*^
Wednesday 6:00-6:45 Ballet Levels 4&5*^
Wednesday 5:00-6:00 Ballet Level 5*^
Wednesday 6:00-6:45 Ballet Levels 4&5*^

Student Level Placement

·       Student must be evaluated by staff member to determine the level of class.  There is a set checklist of skills that a student must be proficient in before being moved up to the next level. 

·       If you have questions on leveling, please let us know.  Remember that performing a step and performing a step correctly are two different things, and our qualified teachers take great care when determining the best level for the student’s growth. This means a student might not be with their age group and may be in the same level for many years.

Attendance Requirements

·       Each level will have class and rehearsal twice per week.  This will allow students to improve at a quicker rate as well as provide more rehearsal time to fine tune (and remember!) their dances.

·       Attendance in class and rehearsal is extremely important to maintain a high level of dance instruction and performance level.

·       Company classes and rehearsals will begin on time and consistent tardiness without prior permission may lead to being excused from the program.

·       Dancers who miss multiple company classes and rehearsals may be deemed unready to perform and taken out of any upcoming performances at the teacher’s discretion.

·       Dancers who are injured must still attend rehearsals to sit and observe for any new choreography or corrections.

·       Dancers are required to be at all dress rehearsals and performances or may be removed from the program at the teacher’s discretion. 

Class Dress Code

·       All dancers must adhere to the dress code for classes and rehearsals.  Dancers not in dress code will not be allowed to participate. 

·       Hair must be pulled back in bun or equivalent.

·       No jewelry allowed except simple stud earrings.

·       No sweats, T-shirts, or baggy clothing (only fitted dance warm ups allowed)

·       Ballet Level 2- Solid Color Black or Light Pink Leotard, Solid Black or Light Pink Short Ballet Skirt, Pink Tights, ONLY Black or Pink Fitted Dance Sweaters and Legwarmers Worn at Barre Only

·       Ballet Levels 3-5 Solid Black Leotard, Solid Black Short Ballet Skirt (Solid Black Dance Shorts or Solid Black Sports Bra Allowed if Needed Underneath), Pink Tights, ONLY Black Fitted Dance Sweater and Pink Fitted Legwarmers Worn at Barre Only

·       Saturday Rehearsals- Pink Tights, Leotard of Choice, Skirt of Choice, Fitted Dance Warm Ups

Classroom Expectations

·       This program is for serious dance students only. 

·       There will be no socializing during class time.  We want our class time to be fully utilized as instruction time.  We also will not let students go for water breaks or to get shoes etc.  Students should come into the classroom prepared with everything they need and full water bottles.

·       Instructors will be focused on helping the dancers improve through critiques and lots of personal attention.  We ask that dancers be prepared for this approach and not take these critiques as a personal attack, but as a means to improve.  Teachers will ONLY give critiques that help the dancer improve and will not give negative personal critiques.

·       Dancers will be expected to work hard and do their best in class and rehearsal.  Laziness will be not tolerated.  There are many ways to conserve energy if tired without being lazy.

·       Dancers who do not meet classroom expectations may be asked to leave class or leave the program at the teacher’s discretion.

Performance Opportunities

·       Each level of the program will be a part in the Spring Ballet production.

·       The Spring Ballet production is only open to Ballet Company Dancers and qualified teachers/adult dancers.

·       Members who wish to be considered for additional roles in the production may do so by audition.  These additional roles will have rehearsals on Saturdays and will have special attendance requirements.  A one-time rehearsal/costume rental fee of $125 will apply. 

·       Members with additional roles will have other TBA local performing opportunities.

Costs Involved

·       Each level has two classes and rehearsals per week.

·       There will be only one costume fee per level that will range from $55-90 for each.

·       Ballet Level 2- $90 for 2 total hours

·       Ballet Level 3- $140 for 3 total hours (includes Pre-Pointe exercises)

·       Ballet Level 4- $155 for 3.25 total hours

·       Ballet Level 5- $155 for 3.25 total hours

·       There are NO family or multiple class discounts on this special program.

·       Ballet Company AND additional roles ARE included in the unlimited class rate of $250!