Summer Dance Company

Want to perform with us at the Arts and Apples Festival and Downtown Rochester Farmer’s Market?
Join Summer Dance Company!

Important Dates

Performance Dates:
Farmer’s Market August 24th,
Arts and Apples September 8 from 10:45-11:45


$50 participation fee or FREE to students who take any combination of 2
6 Week Summer Session Classes or Summer Camps!

Participation Fee will be due on July 10th.

How to Sign Up

Please email or inform our front office of exactly which dances from the list below you would like to participate in. Please do not sign up if you will be on frequent vacations and miss lots of rehearsals. There are only 7-8 rehearsals before the first performance. Must sign up BY July 1st!

Rehearsal Schedule

Mondays beginning July 1

5:00-5:30 Ballet Routine for Ages 5+ with Miss Madisyn
5:30-6:15 Ballet Routine for Ages 7+ with Miss Madisyn
6:15-7:00 Lyrical Routine for Ages 7+ with Miss Madisyn
7:45-8:15 "The Piano Remix" Contemporary Ballet Ages 13+ with Miss Cindy

Tuesdays beginning July 2

4:30-5:15 "I Like It Like That" Latin Jazz Ages 11-18 with Miss Cindy
5:15-6:00 "A Million Dreams" Lyrical Ages 5-18 with Miss Cindy
6:00-6:45 "Secrets" Ballet Inspired Lyrical Ages 13+ with Miss Cindy

Wednesdays beginning July 10th

4:15-5:00 Jazz Routine Ages 8+ with Miss Julia
6:00-6:30 Hip Hop Routine Ages 9-18 with Miss Diana

Thursdays beginning July 11th

4:30-5:00 "Hey Mickey" Pom Ages 5+ with Miss Rebecca
4:30-5:00 "No Money" Hip Hop Ages 6+ with Miss Julia
7:30-8:15 "Dirty Paws" Lyrical Ages 10+ with Miss Julia

Saturdays beginning July 6th for Miss Rebecca and July 13th for Miss Julia

1:15-2:00  "Silence" Lyrical Ages 8+ with Miss Julia
1:15-2:00 "Everything is Awesome" Jazz/Hip Hop Ages 5+ with Miss Rebecca
2:00-2:45 "The Champion" Jazz Ages 8+ with Miss Rebecca
2:00-2:45 "You Spin Me Right Round" Jazz Ages 13+ with Miss Julia
2:45-3:15 "A Star is Born" Lyrical Ages 13-adult  with Miss Rebecca