Pom Squad

We excited to offer our Pom Squad for the third year under the leadership of Miss Rebecca.  Miss Rebecca is a beloved teacher at 2nd Street Studio and is a former Pistons Dancer!  There is no formal audition to participate in our Pom Squad.  Requirements and fees are listed below.  

To sign up you MUST CALL or EMAIL us as registration is not available online.


·         All members must be enrolled in 2nd Street Studio of Dance’s Fall 2017-2018 season in a Jazz, Jazz/Hip Hop, and/or Pom Class

·         Ages 6 to 18 only

·         Must attend Pom Squad rehearsal/class on Thursdays from 5:45-6:30 from September-May

·         Squad members must maintain a high attendance record in order to be prepared for performances.  Absences may be cause for dismissal from the squad.

·         Additional rehearsals may be needed as a big performance approaches.  These rehearsals will be held on Fridays and/or Saturdays.

Participation Fee

·         $20 per month performance/rehearsal fee (9 months totals $180)

·         Some performances also require that you purchase tickets to the game for performers and families.  Ticket prices are usually discounted, but can range depending upon event.

Uniform Info and Fees

·         Uniform purchase required.  Brand new uniform from Varsity Cheer last year was $123, but costs may have changed slightly for this year.

·         Used uniforms from dancers last year who have outgrown theirs may be available for sale!  Check out our bulletin boards for any for sale. If you would like to sell your uniform please create a small ad with your contact info and uniform sizes, and we will put it up on the board.

·         Remember that this uniform will be used many times throughout the year and is built for durability so the cost per wear comes out to be worth the price!

·         For the Downtown Christmas Parade a studio sweatshirt must be purchased (cost estimate is $20-25).  We need to stay warm!!!

Performance Opportunities (specific dates TBA)

·         Downtown Christmas Parade December 3rd

·         OU Basketball Games

·         Jimmy John's Field Performances

·         MI Earth Day Fest

·         Nursing Home Performances

·         Downtown Farmer’s Market

·         Special Recital Dance

·         Other exciting opportunities are being explored!  Stay tuned!


·         ALL communications will be through EMAIL

·         Please check regularly for performance and rehearsal information.