2nd Street Elite Dance Company Information
(This Company is Still Noncompetitive)

Basic Requirements

·       Student must be at least 12+ years of age (younger may be invited by the studio only) and currently taking at least two dance class (outside of the ballet company classes).

·       Student must take either Friday and/or Saturday company class which are ballet classes. 

·       Why ballet? Ballet classes are essential to improving overall dance technique and most high-level programs require their students take ballet for this reason.

·       We highly recommend taking both classes to fully take advantage of the program.

Attendance Requirements

·       Attendance is extremely important to maintain a high level of dance instruction and performance level.

·       Company classes and rehearsals will begin on time and consistent tardiness without prior permission may lead to being excused from the program.

·       Dancers who miss more than 2 company rehearsals may be deemed unready to perform and taken out of any upcoming performances at the teacher’s discretion.

·       Dancers who are injured must still attend rehearsals to sit and observe for any new choreography or corrections.

·       Dancers are required to be at all dress rehearsals and performances or may be removed from the program at the teacher’s discretion. 

·       Rehearsals will not conflict with class times but are not going to be based on your schedule outside of dance. 

Class and Rehearsal Dress Code

·       All dancers must adhere to the dress code for classes and rehearsals.  Dancers not in dress code will not be allowed to participate.

·       Hair must be pulled back in bun with no bangs.

·       No jewelry allowed except simple stud earrings.

·       Solid Black Leotard (any sleeve length allowed).

·       Bullet Pointe Skirt in Black allowed for class and rehearsal.

·       Pink Tights with no holes worn underneath leotard and on feet.

·       Fitted black ballet sweater and fitted ballet pink legwarmers allowed on cold days.

·       Any black dance skirt allowed for ballet rehearsals and any black dance shorts allowed for jazz or contemporary rehearsals.

Classroom Expectations

·       This program is for serious dance students only including: those wanting to greatly improve their overall dance technique, those contemplating dancing in college, or those thinking of dance as a career be it either a professional dancer or teacher.

·       There will be no talking or socializing during class time.  We want our class time to be fully utilized as instruction time.

·       Instructors will be focused on helping the dancers improve through critiques and lots of personal attention (tough love!).  We ask that dancers be prepared for this approach and not take these critiques as a personal attack, but as a means to improve.

·       Dancers will be expected to work hard and do their best in class and rehearsal.  Laziness will be not tolerated.  There are many ways to conserve energy if tired without being lazy.

·       Dancers who do not meet classroom expectations may be asked to leave class or leave the program at the teacher’s discretion.

Performance Opportunities

·       All dancers will be placed into performance routines at the teacher’s discretion based upon factors such as age, skill level, etc.

·       Students will be encouraged to participate in our Nutcracker production, and new Spring Ballet but it is not a requirement.

·       Students may choose to only perform in ballet numbers, contemporary/jazz numbers, or both, but all dancers are still required to take the ballet company technique class. Please alert us of their participation level on the sign up form below.

·       Our Elite Company will be the only studio company group that will perform extra dances in the year end recitals.

·       Elite Company will get to perform at all of the opportunities the studio offers including Halloween Farmer’s Market, Christmas Parade, Earth Day, Heritage Days, retirement homes, and Spring Farmer’s Market.

·       We will to do one Jimmy John’s Field performance which requires tickets.

·       We are also looking into other sports performance opportunities (such as Pistons etc.) and local events.

·       The Spring Ballet will be an excerpt from a classical story ballet and will be performed as a part of a recital or as its own stage production depending upon program enrollment.

·       Students are expected to attend ALL company performances that include their dances.  Dates will be given at least a month (usually much longer!) in advance.  Those missing a performance without permission will be asked to leave the company.


·       Classes will sometimes be a large combined group, and sometimes be split into different levels at the teacher’s discretion.

·       Those dancers who are on pointe may be asked to wear pointe shoes for part or all of class.  Please be sure to bring all needs shoes and supplies to every class.

Costs Involved

·       2nd Street Ballet Company will be charged as a 90 minute class that does not count towards your multiple class discount.

·       Both the Friday and Saturday company classes are included in the cost, so you are getting two classes for the price of one!  This is why is there no additional discount available.

·       Ballet Company classes are included in the unlimited class rate!

·       For those dancers taking or interested in taking pointe, Ballet Company classes will count towards your pointe requirement of 2-3 ballet classes per week.

·       Elite Company members will NOT have any fees for Spring Dance Company, Halloween Performance, or the Spring Ballet.

·       Elite company members will have a costume/uniform fee as described below.

·       Those wishing to perform ballet and or lyrical numbers in the community must purchase a company leotard (cost TBD).  The studio will provide tutus to wear with the leotard.

·       Those wishing to perform jazz numbers in the community must purchase a jazz uniform (cost TBD).

·       Costumes for the spring ballet will be the studio’s that we will reuse from other productions.  We may also ask to use some of your own old dance costumes from previous recitals if needed!

·       There will be ticket fees for any sports performance determined by the venue.  Tickets usually also have to be purchased for the dancer, and not just the families attending.  (So you have an idea, Jimmy John’s tickets were $33 per person this past year).

·       Recital ticket cost will be determined based on next year’s needs.


·       Adults are welcome to join the company or just take the technique classes to improve!

·       Adults will only perform as needed and are not required to purchase the company leotard or costume unless instructed to do so.